Guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops is eagerly expected to be released and the hard core fans are already frantically looking for clues on the possible weapons that will be featured in the game. The game is played in the Cold War Era as seen from the trailer and in various places like Russia, Vietnam and Cuba. Since the game is full of violent action and war action forces, there is no dearth for arms and ammunitions in this game.

The sites that offer reviews have made a guessing game on the weapons but some of the ardent gamers feel that looking into those clues will only dampen the spirits of suspense and therefore, they would rather wait till the game is officially released. Those who foresee the weapons do it on the basis of the fact that the game is set in the Cold War during the Vietnam era and thus, the early M16, AK47 and CAR 15 will certainly have their place in the game. Treyarch has already outlined that Black Ops will be in line with Modern Warfare and the fans can certainly expect to have more number of weapons than in modern warfare.

The games trailer featured CAR 15 in various scenes which confirm its presence. Another guess is that Thompson gun will also be another option in the new Call of Duty. Though Thompson gun has seen better days, it is more likely to make a come back in this game. Uzi is the weapon that has featured in most of the Modern Warfare games and the MP5. Hence Uzi, along with many other submachine guns will be invariably used in the Black Ops.

The theme of the game is an indication of the possible weapons that will be used in Black Ops. For instance, since it is set in the cold war theme, most of the weapons that were used in that war will also be used in Black Ops. Sniper rifles such as M40, M14 and Winchester model 70 were used in the cold war. The trailer also shows the Huey and shot guns in the game but M4 family guns are significant by their absence. M16 comes with a very great accuracy and high power which also features a fully automatic FAMAS weapon. Apart from these, new weapons like scorpion, RPK, SIG commando, PSG and MAC 11 are also introduced in Black Ops.

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