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The Importance of Unity Sand Ceremony.

Most people prefer using sand as a symbol of unity since it is cheap. This is because you can spend zero shillings to get sand since it is locally available. Candle must be manufactured and the only way you can get it is by using your money to buy it. Wedding sand ceremony tend to omit a lot of things making the general cost to be lower. For example, instead of booking venue you can decide to hold the ceremony at the beach free of charge where you will also get sand readily available. Beaches are also good places for honeymoon which will save you money of travelling to places. This makes it cost effective as the cost of organizing wedding always tend to be high.

In wedding sand ceremony the couples will always love each other for a long period of time. You find that the unity sand will last forever if someone does not interfere with it and besides it does not even expire. This is helpful especially during the times when the couples have some disagreements in their house. The jar of sand will be acting like the mediator as it will refresh their memories on the past good times they had and the vow they made. Candle is not permanent as it will disappear after sometime and the couple will forget it too. In such case they will always be pushing even if they are facing serious challenges.

Since ceremonial sand is different from others and looks more ancient makes many people to like it. You will be feeling high and good when you are doing or participating in something that is out of the thinking line of many people. One of the things that makes it look more traditional and unique is the introduction of jars of colored sand. Traditional things are long gone with time and most people would love to see them resurface again and thus why you find that ceremonial sand always have large audience.

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Often disagreements arise with unity candles since one of the couples should be lighting the candle during the union of which all of them will be interested in doing so. On the other hand, other family members are not given chance to participate in the union. In wedding sand people end up happy as one big family as all of the take part in pouring the colored sand.

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