Get Your PlayStation Move Free This Christmas

Sony has just released the PS3 Move, this is a hand controller which follows your movements on screen just like the Nintendo Wii. Using the Eyetoy camera all your actions are made on screen with much more accuracy than any other controller to date.

With just a few short weeks until the big fat man in a red suit arrives and delivers to all the good little boys and girls parents will be inundated with requests to have the PlayStation move for Christmas.

But you can get these controllers for free and not just the PlayStation move for free you can also get the PlayStation 3 for free too. This is possible by using incentive based websites.

The websites who offer the free gadgets all have one thing in common, they are using incentive advertising. This means they advertise great offers from some major brand names such as Santander Coral and LOVEFiLM.

Many of the websites who offer the latest gadgets have been around for years, constantly updating their free gifts with all the latest gadgets you can be sure the gadget you want can be got for free.

To get the ball rolling you will need to find a website which offers a free PS3 Move, once there you will see that you are required to give them some details such as name email and delivery address. It is very important you fill out this form carefully as mistakes may delay your free gift being sent out.

Once signed up you are required to view the offers available and choose just one which needs to be completed, there are dozens of offers ranging from free trails through to offers which require you to credit and spend money on bingo or casinos.

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We always advise people to view the free trials as this means you do not have to spend any money and still allow you to try a service which you may well enjoy and continue to use.

Delivery of your free gift is also free, once your account has been checked and all the requirements have been met the free gift will be dispatched to the address given at the registration stage this is why it is important to fill this in correctly.