Game Console Repair – Fix Game Consoles For Profit

The gaming industry is worth approximately 20 billion dollars and is growing all the time with thousands of consoles being purchased every week throughout the world.

Unfortunately each console has its own specific problems and can break down with sometimes disastrous consequences, you will have to send your console to be repaired and it could take between 2 – 6 weeks to get it returned or to be told you need a new one you could also end up paying about $150 for the privilege of being told that your pride and joy cannot be repaired.

Why not try and repair it yourself? I am not suggesting you attack your Xbox with a pair of pliers but you can purchase a guide online with all the information to repair all common issues. You can get an online repair guide for about $30 and they cover all major consoles. You could fix the xbox red ring of death, or the PlayStation 3 blinking yellow light problem, so not only could you fix your own console within an hour you could also save yourself the best part of $100 to spend on more games for your beloved console.

Now imagine this, with the amount of consoles in the world today and the amount of broken consoles about why not use your new skills to repair pre-owned game consoles and sell them on for a generous profit. Pre-owned consoles that require fixing are readily available on eBay and other similar places you could buy them up cheap and fix them and sell them back on eBay. So what started as a hobby could turn into a business and you could get your share of the 20 billion dollars.

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