Gadget Mania Can Blow a Hole in Your Pocket!

With more and more innovative inventions hitting the market these days to attract the gadget crazy population that inhabits the planet today, a lot of money is going into purchasing these contraptions that aim to make life easier. One thing the population of the humble planet seems not to realize is that many of these branded (read overpriced) devices are just really good at doing any one thing or the other.

Consider the modern teenager. All the things they have to keep in mind and carry around every time an urge to step outside comes up. Mobile phone, iPod, digital camera, portable video player (just in case the iPod is a nano or a shuffle), the list just goes into infinite loop. So it’s pretty obvious that a lot of money going into purchasing each one of these individual gadgets that perform one task excellently.

Where does this leave those who want to leave their wallets and bank statements intact? Not every gadget aficionado would want to dream about a credit card sawing its way out of their purse to pay for the newest acquisition to the collection. So here arises the need to prioritize.

See, gadget makers are not stupid. They are perfectly aware that there are sensible people in the world who are willing to make a few compromises on quality as long as their poor credit card can be saved from committing hara-kiri. That’s why they make high end cellular phones and entertainment devices that combine the whole package. Sure, they are more expensive at first glance, but compare that with the total bill of your gadget arsenal, and the Batman style utility belt you need to carry them all, and the picture changes.

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If you can chuck the iPod and digital camera for a really good camera phone that plays back decent music, that’s what most would call a bargain. Manufacturers keep this in mind when they make their products. That’s why Apple makes the iTouch and the iPhone despite doing perfectly well with the iPod. It’s why Sony integrates Cyber-Shot and Walkman technology to its phones. The basic idea is to create devices that do all the things the stand alone big boys do, with a little value for money.

The outcome of all the making, buying and selling will be no different. Everything will still be bought, but hopefully with more sense and sensibilities and to meet requirements, not to fit into society. So if you’re a budget concerned person, throw that utility belt into the backseat of whatever ‘mobile’ you drive and opt for a one size fits all. May you find peace.