Fixing Your PlayStation 3

So, your PS3 has died on you? Fixing your PlayStation 3 at this very moment probably seem unreal to you. I’m here to tell you that it’s not unreal and luckily, you’ve come to the right place because I have some tips that should be useful for you. If any of my advice does not work I have an alternative method for you.

First, confirm that the cables are not loose. OK, now restart the console. Then unplug all cables in the back, except for the power cord, then reconnect the cables. Finally, if none of the other tips work, remove the hard drive and then put all the cables back into it.

Hopefully fixing your PlayStation 3 is no longer an unrealistic thought to you, with any luck your PlayStation 3 is now working for you. If not than you probably thinking about sending it to Sony now. Hold your horses first. Do not jump the gun so fast to spend the money of $ 150.00 to get it fix when you probably could use that money for something else.

In fact, there are repair guides out to assist you with fixing your PlayStation 3. With this option available to you, Sony 6 week waiting period will no longer apply to you. Please don’t just get any old repair guide written by either Jack or Jim on the internet. I recommend getting a guide written by a real expert with real experience with the repair of such mechanical errors. You will come out better fixing the flashing red light problem yourself that outsourcing to Sony. I do not want to wait weeks to get my PS3 back and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. So if you want instant gratification of playing today, get a PS3 repair guide written by a trusted professional.

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