DVR Spy Pen

The best way to capture anything, whether landscapes, portraits, macros, or action is to use bulky and expensive digital SLR cameras that have a complete array of precision glasses, ranging from very wide angles to long telephotos. Nothing can escape you with this gear. You can shoot a tiny insect that is a centimeter away, or large objects from afar like the craters of the moon. By just changing glass, a completely new world of possibilities becomes available. This setup gives you the most flexibility and the best picture quality. Professional photojournalists will not take pictures any other way.

This setup does have a downside, though. A full sized digital SLR hanging around your neck and several lenses strapped on your back or shoulder is very taxing, to say the least. Add the weight of two or three different tripods with ball heads, a couple of extra batteries with their charger, some filters, and flashguns to the mix and you will want to head back home in no time. Therefore, If your needs are simple, you might be better served by a more lightweight equipment. The DVR Spy Pen might just be the personal digital video recorder and camera that you need.

The innovative DVR Spy Pen is so small, so you can carry it with you all the time. When the perfect moment arrives, you will never again be without a camera to capture it. An expensive, high-quality digital SLR with loads of glasses will not do you any good if it is sitting inside your camera bag at home while the perfect moment presents itself to you at the park.

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Still pictures are not the only thing you can capture with this state-of-the-art DVR Spy Pen. It is also a very capable audio recorder. It is not only pictures you won’t miss. You will never again miss another word at any meeting, class, or seminar. You can also record voice memos for yourself to remind you of things that you need to do.

Finally, do not forget what the DVR in DVR Spy Pen stands for. It stands for digital video recorder. You can record some video clips with this tiny device that fits in your breast pocket. What more could you ask for? The groundbreaking DVR Spy Pen can take 640 x 480 still pictures and up to 80 minutes of full motion 640 x 480 video with audio. Did I mention that you could also use it as a removable USB flash drive where you can store loads of important data files? Clearly, the DVR Spy Pen has everything you need and more. Go get yours now.