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Why Athletes Need Life Insurance Cover Life insurance ensures that family members can manage to go on with life in case their breadwinner dies. Through life insurance beneficiaries such as the spouse, children or grandchildren receive payments which enable them to go on with their activities usually. There are different policies of life insurance that one can apply for in different insurance companies. Though the life insurance policy is a good way of ensuring better standard of livings for the beneficiaries, sadly not many athletes have embraced it. The athletes, therefore, leave their families with huge financial problems after they have passed away which has led to some families ending up being bankrupt. One of the most secure way of ensuring that we secure the future of our children is by adopting the life policies. Though Different policies have been set by the insurance companies, one of the easiest policies is the term policy. The the policy has no complications and hence one of the most appropriate and also simple. Beneficiaries will only receive the benefits when the insured person has died. Beneficiaries are paid in a period of between one and 30 years according to the terms that the parties agreed upon. The payments may be paid in level installments or decreasing installments. Payments done through level installments ensures that the beneficiary receive the constant amount of money throughout the term at which they are paid. In decreasing benefits they are paid in reducing terms meaning the benefits decrease over the duration of the policy. Permanent the policy is the second type of life insurance policy. The beneficiaries receive payments from the insurance company as long as they are alive under the permanent life insurance policy. There are three main categories in permanent life policy which include whole traditional life, universal life, and variable universal life. In traditional whole life policy the premiums paid and the benefits that are paid to the beneficiaries remain constant throughout the duration of the policy. In universal system one is allowed to either increase or decrease the premiums as well as the amount one is insured for. One’s savings in the variable universal life can be invested in market-based investments such as stocks and bonds. The market hence dictates the fate of the final benefits to be given to the beneficiaries since the savings are turned into investments.
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Although the primary purpose of the life insurance is to secure the future of family members after one’s demise; life insurance can also act as a retirement plan. It is enhanced by the fact that universal variable life allows one to invest their savings. It is made possible since in universal variable life one can turn their savings into investments. But the amount one spends is deducted from their savings which mean that death benefits to be paid will also be reduced.Businesses – My Most Valuable Advice

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