Different Ways to Watch Blu-Ray Movies

Over a decade ago, a new technology emerged from the technological revolution; the DVD. DVDs completely revolutionized the movie industry and effectively wiped out all of its competition. Just when we all thought that DVDs were here to stay for the long-term, we get something new and let’s face it, better. Since 2006, Blu-ray discs have already cornered the market and are quickly finding their way into the homes of millions of people.

Many companies – like LG, Samsung, and Sony – have jumped on-board the band wagon so to speak. They are helping this new trend by offering different ways to enjoy the discs. Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

LG Blu-Ray Player

The main feature that sets the LG player apart from others is its one-of-a-kind internal hard drive. Before this player was released, that feature was simply unheard of in movie players. I know what you’re asking. How is an internal hard drive useful in a Blu ray player? Well the answer is simple. Thanks to this innovative technology, consumers are able to download and store movies – and even photos – right onto their player. This is definitely another step forward in a world full of technological leaps and bounds!

Samsung Televisions

What good would it be to own a Blu-ray player without the television to make it come to life? Not any good at all. Don’t worry because there is a wide selection of televisions on the market to breathe life into your Blu player – like Samsung televisions. With a wide selection, Samsung offers televisions that can meet any budget. And Samsung produces some of the highest quality televisions on the market. Samsung televisions produce one of the sharpest images on the market and are completely energy friendly – using energy star certified technology.

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Sony PlayStation 3

Consumers watched as Microsoft unveiled the X-Box 360 and wondered why Sony was keeping the PlayStation 3 on the drawing boards. A year ago, they all got their answer. Sony released this fabulous gaming console just in time to be a part of Blu-ray fever! That’s right! This savvy gaming console is the first of its kind to be formatted to play the discs. Sony caught the world by storm with this excellent piece of technology. With state of the art graphics and thrilling gameplay, this gaming machine plays Blu-ray discs sharp and clear with digital audio heard with every word. Sony made a very smart decision by waiting until the Blu-ray fever hit to unveil this wonderful machine. So in essence, consumers can enjoy a gaming console that excels in every category – while at the same time using it to watch their favorite Blu-ray movies.