Cyber Security Services from MonsterCloud

The increasing number of threats on the web these days demands that companies do more to protect themselves, their customers, and their business partners. Without an effective security plan, businesses are putting not only their own data at risk but also the personal data of their clients and the companies they are connected with. There are countless ways these threats could make their way into a computer system, so it’s important to be diligent. Thankfully, service providers such as MonsterCloud offer a robust and powerful plan to neutralize these threats and keep confidential data safe. To understand how to protect against these threats, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what kinds of threats are lurking on the web.

Viruses are the oldest kind of threat companies face. The sole purpose of this type of malicious software is to do damage to the computer system and generally make things difficult. Security software with current definitions can be installed on the system to stop these threats and prevent malicious code from executing.

Spyware is another older type of threat, but it can be much more dangerous than a typical virus. Instead of simply doing damage to the system, this software type is hidden where it can collect confidential data and then upload it to the web. These kinds of threats can be detected by security software, but they can be harder to detect since so much legitimate software behaves the same way.

Ransomware is perhaps the worst kind of malicious software. Unlike viruses that destroy data and spyware that steals it, ransomware locks authorized users out of their data and demands payment to unlock the files and folders. Unfortunately, if the ransom is paid there is little chance that the system will be unlocked. This type of attack can only be removed with the help of a cyber security expert.

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Hackers are the most dangerous type of online threat by far. Malicious software can only do what its told. Hackers are able to think their way past most security software and firewalls. This means the network will have to be continually monitored to stop hackers and close security gaps that allow them access to the system.