Custom Covert Surveillance Ideas

Looking for the perfect hidden spy gadget for your home or business? Can’t seem to find a good pre-made fit for your application? With the mini security cameras available in the marketplace and a little ingenuity; why not make your own covert camera?

Its Been Done Before

The various covert cameras available today all have come out of necessity. From teddy bear cameras being used as nanny cams, to pen cameras being used for covert spy operations; they have all evolved to fit a variety of covert surveillance needs. In fact one of the first covert camera designs was a pocket watch camera used by undercover officers and private eyes in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Mini Security Cameras Galore

With all the miniature security cameras available in the marketplace it’s quite easy to make and customize your own covert gadget. By using cameras such as the KPC-DNR700 or the CG35 you can easily mount a small security camera into a variety of fixtures, appliances, or other household objects and turn them into covert surveillance equipment.

Covert Camera Ideas

Plant Camera

Take a miniature security camera and mount it into a well positioned and leafy plant for a great covert solution.

Book Camera

These are already available in pre-assembled form; however if you wish to save a little time and have a little creative fun; you can make them yourself. All you need to do is cut out a portion of the interior pages to form a box to hold the camera and then drill a small hole through the side for the camera to see out of.

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Light Fixture Camera

Have a light fixture with some breathing room? How about mounting a camera inside? Just make sure you don’t have lens flare of a sub par picture from the light and voila you have a covert camera solution.

Lawn Ornaments (Garden Gnome?)

Lawn ornaments such as garden gnomes or other statues can make great camera housings for a covert application. It may require a little drilling and setup, but what a versatile and excellent solution with partial weather protection for your camera.

Think Outside The Box

Maybe you have a collection of teddy bears, pop bottles, ornamental signs, etc… Could a camera be hidden in them? Start looking around your house and thinking about the various knickknacks and appliances that go unnoticed and might serve well as a camera housing.

Ultimately it comes down to a little creativity and can do attitude to come up with a wide variety of different custom covert camera applications, and the sky is the limit. Furthermore if you’re looking for ideas, it never hurts to call up your local surveillance provider and have a chat. Who knows maybe you’ll come up with the next teddy bear camera and be able to make a living off your covert designs.