Copy PlayStation Games – Is it Really Possible?

If you are a video game freak and still do not know how to copy PlayStation games, then you have come to the right place. More and more gamers are becoming aware of the fact and are greatly relieved that it is now possible to copy PlayStation games with a one time investment.

The most important tool that you would require to make a backup is the game copying software. Only specialized software can bypass the encryption or copyright protection codes that are contained in the video game CDs and DVDs. Purchase the appropriate software package from an authorized dealer to avoid getting cheated. Install this on your computer system and then copy the original game files onto your PC.

Once this is done, the next important device required to copy PlayStation games is the right copying media. DVD-R, DVD-RW or CD-RW can be used for this purpose. Buy the CDs and DVDs from a good company like Sony or Verbatim to retain the original graphics and sound effects. Begin the burning process after inserting the blank CD to get your perfect game backup.

It is just not enough to copy PlayStation games onto another CD or DVD to actually play it on your console. You will have to install a Mod Chip in your gaming system for this purpose. This is a job for the tech guys as a lot of soldering is required which if done wrongly can damage your machine completely. A Mod Chip essentially changes the BIOS of your PlayStation thereby enabling you to play the copied games.

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These days there are more specialized software in the market that can do away with the Mod Chip problem. This is a tad bit costlier than the ordinary software to copy PlayStation games but will simplify the process hundred fold.

In the earlier days, video game enthusiasts had no go but to replace lost or damaged CDs. But all that has changed due to the effort of computer experts who have now given us special software to copy PlayStation games. So don’t waste any more time in making a backup of all your precious PlayStation games.