Comparison of File Extensions GADGET and IFO

When Windows Vista was released by Microsoft, a new feature could be observed on the desktop which was a sidebar. It could be used to dock gadgets such as search toolbars, calendars and clock. You can move these features around, remove or add to them for customizing a desktop. GADGET files can be downloaded from Windows Live site for free and installed on a sidebar. A wide range of add-ons are available which can be installed just by double clicking on them. They can also be moved around on the sidebar like all the existing items. The GADGET files were added as novel and useful features to Vista desktop. But they may cause issues if they are written poorly. An overly complex sidebar add-on may degrade system performance. Many of them are added by other users, so there is no guarantee about their functioning as expected.

The file extension IFO is used for storing information on DVD. A DVD player utilizes this information to find items like the chapter information and menu screen. IFO files are used along with VRO and VOB files for storing audio and video on a DVD disc. IFO files cannot be played on their own and need a DVD software tool to open them. They contain information about the screen which gets displayed when a DVD disc is read by a DVD player. The files also hold information about where every chapter is supposed to start. IFO also holds information which indicates where the subtitle can be found. The DVD playback applications necessary for opening such files include Nero Showtime, Windows Media Player and Cyberlink PowerDVD.

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GADGET files are used for sidebar gadgets in Vista or Windows 7 and IFO files are used for storing information on DVD.