Board-Play is Key to Mastering NHL 10 Game Tournaments

One of the most practical sports titles out there, NHL 10 gives gamers even more control in their search for domination on the ice. The action is intense, making it even more entertaining to compete for gloating rights against worthy opponents. To be in charge of the rink, exploit the following features. In years past, passes would usually be accurate, going to the player nearest to the direction of the left analog stick. That made it easy to land the puck on your colleague’s stick, in any case of your position on the ice. The passing has similarities in NHL ten, but EA has given users complete control of the direction and speed. Like before, you’ve got to point the left analog stick in the direction of the planned pass, but you can target towards any spot on the ice.

This new passing system completely changes the game play, and allows gifted game players to reign over. Forget risky cross-ice passes and effortless breakouts from your own zone. However with practice, this allows for even more creativeness and pliability in the offensive area. Learn the art of directional passing and you will be well on your way towards dominating your rivals. Learning to play along the boards is large in the real world, and is now crucial to gain the upper hand on the screen. When close to the boards, you can initiate board-play and battle for the puck by holding Y ( on the 360 ) or X ( on the PS3 ). If 2 players are tied-up on the boards, a third skater can dig the puck out and assume control. This suggests that it’s smart to pin the puck-carrier if you have a teammate close by. Meanwhile, the player with the puck has the ability to pass along the boards using his skate. If you are pinned by a defender, look for an open teammate on each side and use a standard directional pass to move the puck along the boards.

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Board-play can be an asset for either the puck-carrier or the defender. As a defender, it’s frequently tricky to stop forwards that use a variety of dekes and moves to avoid your poke-checks and hits. If you end up up against a great puck handler ( say, Sidney Crosby ), it could be sensible to simply pin him against the glass. This is a way to stop momentum or cause a potential turnover. If you see your adversary lining you up for a massive check, press the button to remain close to the glass, before drumming it again to resume skating. Similarly, if you are close to losing the puck behind your competitor’s net, try using board-play to allow your colleagues an opportunity to get open nearby.

These new features make EA’s latest hockey title even more realistic, and you can use these pointers to own the ice. Extra control means the best gamers will be crowned champion, so get practicing and prepare to fight for NHL 10 supremacy.