5 Best PlayStation Games

Rockstar games presents L.A. Noire, a game where you get to be thrown into the 50s where the world was shady and dangerous with mafia and mob connections. In the game, you get to be a handsome police officer dressed in a sleek suit with a hat and a pistol. You get to follow him around and solve murders, such as intense cases that all deal with traffic, homicide, and even arson. You can search crime scenes for clues and question witnesses that can give you some information on how you can figure out the case. Also you will have to use your brains to figure out if people are lying to you or if they are telling the truth.

Also, you get to really experience L.A. as they show you the realistic city scenes and the real streets from 1947, so you can have an authentic experience. You get to solve brutal crimes in one of the most violent times in police history. This game is M for mature audiences, because of the violent language, scenes, and content, so make sure you are old enough and mature enough for it.

Square Enix brings you Tomb Raider, a game where you play as Lara Croft, who wants to search for adventure but gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island and gets trapped in this mysterious cave. So, she uses her survival skills and her know how to escape and then avoid the natives all at the same time. You are severely wounded, too, and you also have to try your best to survive. You will get astounding visuals in this game and also you get to have the whole trilogy if you want it and have some special features, as well.

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Infamous 2 is a game brought to you by Sony, a game that gives you a true superhero experience with epic battles with bosses all against a cinematic backdrop. You also get to experience being a superhero with some advanced attacks and also destroying people with dynamic movies. You can also use a new morality system, as well, that allows you to have different endings and you can create and share missions with people, too.

Warner Bros. brings you Mortal Kombat a game that is rich with adventure and excitement, allowing you to tap into your inner fighter. A lot like Tekken 6, a game that lets you choose your player from a list of players, and then you fight other players and do massive mortalities and have tournaments and battles with the other players.

Finally, Grand Theft Auto IV, a game where you play as a thief who steals cars and take them on crazy criminal journeys while trying very hard to avoid the police and you try to advance in the storyline by achieving certain goals and it is a lot like L.A. Noire because it is made by the same company, and it is highly acclaimed for being the best shoot-em-up there is.