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QR Codes: A Great New Marketing Technology

If you are always looking for creative ways to promote your business, there is a great new technology called QR codes that you need to know about! A QR code is a barcode that you can scan with an app on your Smartphone. The scanned barcode contains some sort of hidden content, either a text message, website URL or phone number. The QR actually stands for “quick response”, as it enables someone to access and execute the content stored in the barcode on the fly. Using QR codes is a fun way to engage your audience and it shows that your business is cutting edge.

A Few Simple Ways To Use QR codes:

Add them to your business cards with more information that won’t fit on such a small space.

Add them to product packaging to promote your website or direct them to product support.

Help people find your business by using a one with a link to your location on Google maps.

Use a them as a coupon. The user can scan it to reveal a discount code.

Place a them on your website with your email address or phone number.

Put them on all your business paraphernalia and swag.

How do I create a QR Code?

Creating a QR Code is very simple. There are several websites that allow you to very easily generate one. I used Kaywa. It provides a form where you choose the type of content (either a website URL, text, phone number or SMS) then enter the corresponding information and click generate. Literally there is nothing to it. Your newly generated QR code magically appears to the left, where you can then left click or ctrl click (Mac) to save it to your computer. From there the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

How Do I Read A QR Code On My Smartphone?

You need to add an application on your phone in order scan QR codes. Just access your app store and search “QR code.” I have an iPhone and I had several apps to choose from. Some were free but I decided to pay the whole $1.99 for quiQR because it received higher ratings. The quiQR app will both scan and generate QR codes. To scan a new QR code just click “scan QR code” then center it in the box, when it is lined up properly it will scan the code automatically. If a website URL is stored in the code, it will bring up your browser and go to the website entered. If it’s a phone number is stored in the code it will dial the number. Obviously there will be differences depending on the app you choose and the operating system on your phone, but this basically shows how easy they are to use.…

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Top 5 Tips on How to Sing Like a Rock Star

Top 5 Tips on How to Sing Like a Rock Star

Do you want to sing like a rock star? Here are 5 tips on how to sing like a rock star. They are quite simple and easy to follow. You can be the next rock star you had been marveling at all this time. Don’t get disappointed that you can’t sing without making an attempt. Just go ahead and make an attempt first and then watch the way you get noticed.

Music lifts the heart of human beings and expresses the sensations of the heart beat through the smile on the face. Music really works wonders in every human being without a doubt. Not a single human being could say that music is bad, may be loud music could be annoying for a few.

1. Correct Breathing:

First of all you’re breathing should be proper. This will provide you will all the potential that you need. While singing, try to use the stomach muscles more than the chest and throat muscles. You should sing from the lower abdominal muscles which would give you the strength to take the high pitch like a rock star. Rock stars usually do that, you will notice there is not much of a strain on the face, but if you look at their lower abdomen it would look drawn in.

2. Avoid ‘Throat Stress’

The most important tip that any rock star would give or would like to follow is to avoid getting a sore throat. This could be very damaging. Cool juices, ice creams or even anesthetics could be hazardous to the throat. Once you have a sore throat proper treatment should be taken, especially talking or whispering should be avoid during this time.

3. Check your breathing and your diaphragm

While singing place your hand on the stomach so that you could check if you’re breathing is proper for the tone that you are taking. Try to get more rock band singing tips from the internet. These tips would help you to ease the muscles and lessen the tension that prevails while performing before a huge audience.

4. Voice Control

Proper control over the voice is very essential. It should be perfectly blended with the instruments and to achieve this there is nothing better than practice. 

5. Practice is the Golden Rule…

It should be practice, practice, practice till you have taken full control of your voice and it blends with the instruments and the rest of the singers, if you are doing a group song.

These tips are quite simple to read, but in practice they are rather difficult to follow.   But if you are a dedicated singer who longs to hit the top it is nothing. Dedication and practice will pave the way to sing like a rock star. …