Why is Excelsior Internet Marketing Important?

Excelsior Internet Marketing must be the basis for every marketing strategy. There are many myths and fallacies about content marketing. This field often leads to confusion and often does not give clear answers. However, this article has summarized a few unique facts for readers, which will help people gain an overview of content marketing. Since the last update from Google, high-quality content has become even more important.

Only 44 percent of B2B marketers follow a documented content strategy. This value is very serious. It is, thus, surprising that much inferior content continues to appear in the B2B world. Pursuing a concrete strategy is a prerequisite for successful online marketing. Social media does not replace e-mail either. The myth that social media would soon replace e-mail marketing is completely wrong. The fact that you have to provide a valid e-mail address for logging on to social media explains this is a myth. Both elements are complementary to each other and help businesses market their services and/or products.

The most important metric for success is web traffic. If a business cannot attract visitors to their website, they are not known. If they have a high amount of web traffic, they are. This is a very simple yet important measurement for online success. Social media is not used for customer acquisition alone. As soon as a person “likes” a company, he or she is already aware of the quality of that company. Social media is not responsible for the traffic, but it is seen much more as a barometer for popularity or familiarity.

Less than ten percent of B2B marketers are actually successful using content marketing by itself. This is a quite shocking statistic. This should serve both as a warning and a reference. Content marketing still has a long way to go to be perfect and, for elements such as metrics and strategies, there is no patent recipe. Meticulous work and lots of experience are necessary to explore and maintain a successful content marketing campaign.

Lastly, many B2B Marketers are still streaming before publishing their content. The fear that one would surrender too much is still in the minds of many businesses. Be courageous, because you are the clever mind behind your website and can turn published content into a successful business strategy.